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Holiday in Denmark

Denmark has lots of beautiful holiday homes to offer. From Bornholm to Zealand, the islands to the coasts of the mainland, you can find idyllic landscapes with great holiday homes. In these beautiful surroundings, you can leave all your cares behind you. Get together with your family and friends and decide whether you'd prefer an active holiday or wellness holiday.

At DanCenter, you can choose from a wide range of holiday homes across the whole of Denmark. Use the search function to find your holiday home in Denmark in the right region, for your selected travel dates and with the right equipment for you. From the classic holiday home to luxury houses with a pool, whirlpool and sauna or an activity house with lots of space for large groups, at DanCenter, we have the perfect holiday home for everyone.

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7,441 holiday homes for Denmark

Holiday home in Læsø/ØsterbyHouse no: 43748Læsø/Østerby6 persons,  110 m²1.2 km to coast.Holiday home in Tibirke SandHouse no: 55124Tibirke Sand5 persons,  88 m²4.0 km to coast.Holiday home in MarielystHouse no: 44512Marielyst14 persons,  217 m²900 m to coast.Holiday home in VristHouse no: 54485Vrist6 persons,  133 m²1.5 km to coast.Holiday home in Øer/LærkelundenHouse no: 52920Øer/Lærkelunden4 persons,  107 m²800 m to coast.Holiday home in Hou/LagunenHouse no: 49769Hou/Lagunen4 persons,  63 m²150 m to coast.Holiday home in Thorup StrandHouse no: 54339Thorup Strand10 persons,  107 m²800 m to coast.Holiday home in Eskov StrandparkHouse no: 44916Eskov Strandpark6 persons,  65 m²350 m to coast.Holiday home in LønstrupHouse no: 4588Lønstrup10 persons,  103 m²900 m to coast.Holiday home in Læsø/ByrumHouse no: 54330Læsø/Byrum4 persons,  75 m²3.0 km to coast.Holiday home in Nr. LyngbyHouse no: 51978Nr. Lyngby4 persons,  50 m²240 m to coast.Holiday home in Nr. LyngbyHouse no: 8439Nr. Lyngby6 persons,  75 m²1.2 km to coast.Holiday home in TverstedHouse no: 3652Tversted6 persons,  124 m²700 m to coast.Holiday home in Fjellerup StrandHouse no: 52762Fjellerup Strand5 persons,  62 m²318 m to coast.Holiday home in Tranum StrandHouse no: 37726Tranum Strand6 persons,  91 m²4.0 km to coast.Holiday home in LøkkenHouse no: 44645Løkken11 persons,  217 m²7 km to coast.Holiday home in HouHouse no: 44425Hou6 persons,  120 m²1.5 km to coast.Holiday home in Bro Str./Varbjerg Str.House no: 57409Bro Str./Varbjerg Str.6 persons,  70 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in LønstrupHouse no: 7624Lønstrup6 persons,  90 m²1.8 km to coast.Holiday home in Øster HurupHouse no: 56778Øster Hurup6 persons,  140 m²600 m to coast.Holiday home in ÅstedHouse no: 61158Åsted10 persons,  125 m²800 m to coast.Holiday home in Skaven StrandHouse no: 47000Skaven Strand6 persons,  81 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in Begtrup VigHouse no: 55259Begtrup Vig8 persons,  127 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in LønstrupHouse no: 45677Lønstrup6 persons,  65 m²700 m to coast.Holiday home in SkagenHouse no: 44525Skagen8 persons,  144 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in GattenHouse no: 53710Gatten8 persons,  80 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in Nr. LyngbyHouse no: 9189Nr. Lyngby10 persons,  196 m²300 m to coast.Holiday cottage in VigsøHouse no: 40042Vigsø1 person,  16 m²700 m to coast.Holiday home in Thyholm/Serup StrandHouse no: 56865Thyholm/Serup Strand2 persons,  50 m²800 m to coast.Holiday home in Blokhus/HuneHouse no: 44468Blokhus/Hune6 persons,  96 m²6.0 km to coast.
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7.300 km of shore – and much more

In Denmark you never have more than 55 km to the nearest beach. From your holiday home it is often just a short walk. Denmark is a country with small distances and large contrasts. From the wild and roaring North Sea and the endless dune landscapes on the West Coast to the mild coasts on the eastern shore. From the Wadden Sea, geo and national parks and UNESCO world heritage to more than 400 islands, cities of culture and the metropole Copenhagen. It is no wonder that in spite of the it’s small population Denmark has more foreign visitors than e.g. France.

Holiday home in Denmark

You can find your holiday home in Denmark at DanCenter! Or you can book your holiday home in one of the 28 Danland holiday parks, most of which include a swimming complex and final cleaning service!

Take your pick from among thousands of holiday homes in all of Denmark's beautiful regions or go on a seaside holiday to one of our 28 holiday parks with subtropical swimming complexes and a view of the best beaches in Denmark.

DanCenter offers holiday homes and holiday parks all over Denmark. Choose your dream house and enjoy the fantastic Danish nature.

Stay in the midst of the sand dunes at the water's edge or relax in a holiday home in Denmark with its own pool. Our holiday homes in Denmark are located in the most beautiful parts of the country. Be it the Danish coast of the Baltic or North Sea, there is a huge range to choose from! The basic features of our holiday homes in Denmark often include a fireplace, whirlpool and a sauna.

Holiday in Denmark by the sea

7,000 kilometres of coast is already pretty impressive. And nowhere in the whole of Denmark is further than 55 kilometres away from the coast. Then with are another 400 islands, and it becomes record-breaking. Those who love the sea don't want to miss Denmark. The country's serenity is thanks to the interplay of sun and clouds, wind and waves. Enjoy it on the beach, absorb it as you wander through Denmark's small towns, which are orientated towards their inhabitants. You can see it in the aesthetic of every day things. You can experience it on holiday.

Discover the dramatic natural scenery of the cliffs on Bornholm, the wild waves of the North Sea, the beautiful little islands on the southern coast of Funen, the magical light of Skagen, the hilly moors or the historic merchant towns. Let your holiday in Denmark begin!

The majority of our holiday homes are just a stone's throw from the sea or even have a direct view of the water. Take a seaside holiday in Denmark and be impressed by this holiday destination.

Holiday at the Danish North Sea

The Danish North Sea coast is characterised by wide sandy beaches that stretch for miles with a great dune landscape and lots of perfectly located holiday homes. In many areas, you can even drive your car along the beach. Off Denmark's southern North Sea coast, you will find the islands of Rømø, Fanø and Mandø in the middle of the Danish Wadden Sea. Popular holiday locations such as Blåvand, Henne Beach and Vejers Beach can be found in this coastal region. Jammer Bay in the north is located north of the resorts of Løkken and Blokhus on a magnificent cliff, before you reach the tip of Denmark. Book your Denmark holiday at the North Sea.

Holiday at the Danish Baltic Sea

The Danish Baltic sea offers a variety of small beaches and bays to discover. The sea is significantly calmer here, making it ideal for families with children. Long sandy beaches can also be found here and there along the Baltic coast. Of course, the varied archipelago beyond the mainland is especially interesting. There are hundreds of smaller islands surrounding the main islands of Zealand and Funen, some inhabited, some not. Due to the numerous islands, the region has also been called the Danish South Sea. Find your holiday home on the Danish Baltic coast here.

Holiday in Denmark with children

The activity homes are ideal for families and groups, equipped with table tennis, table football, Nintendo Wii and a pool table. The Danland holiday parks also promise a restful family holiday, with amenities such as a swimming complex, mini-golf and lots more. You can find more information at It is possible to arrange short trips here of 2 nights or more. A holiday in Denmark with children will be unforgettable. The sea, the beach, the sand dunes – all of this makes for a great adventure playground for youngsters. In addition, there are numerous sights and attractions in Denmark that the whole family can enjoy. As a DanCenter guest, you will also receive a discount at several attractions. You can find more information here and in the service office.

Holiday with a dog in Denmark

You can take your dog with you on holiday to more than 3,000 holiday homes in Denmark. Up to 2 pets are welcome. If you are travelling with more than two animals, please get in touch with our reservation team.

Denmark is a great holiday destination for families with dogs. It's not just people who long for freedom, sea air and nature, our four-legged friends do as well! There are a few rules that you need to keep in mind in Denmark, however. You can find all the information you need about holidays in Denmark with a dog here!

Denmark holiday tips

DanCenter asked more than 7,400 guests what attractions they liked best in Denmark last year.

In addition, we have put together our absolute best Denmark holiday tips:

The new harbour area is particularly interesting, with special architectural features and the ARoS art gallery. The Ejer Bavnehøj is the one of the highest points in Denmark and always worth a visit.

As you can see, a holiday in Denmark is varied and exciting for the whole family.

The most beautiful beaches in Denmark

Denmark is the perfect destination for beach holidaymakers – along its more than 7,000 kilometres of coastline, you'll find some of the widest sandy beaches in Europe alternating with Unesco World Heritage cliffs. You can find out which beach suits you best here!

Denmark's lively archipelago

Islands have always been especially attractive to people. Fans of the big city and lovers of quiet solitude alike can find happiness on Denmark's fascinating island archipelago. Learn more about Denmark's most beautiful islands!

Low-cost Denmark holiday

There's a holiday home for every budget in Denmark. From the classic Scandinavian holiday home to a large luxury manor, we have everything. Here are a few tips for keeping your holiday in Denmark affordable:

Holiday Denmark - in the land of the holiday homes

Holiday home breaks in Denmark are a classic way to get some rest – and each generation is rediscovering just how relaxing it can be to take some time off by the Baltic or North Sea coast. It doesn't matter what time of year it is!

If the typical Danish holiday home didn't exist, you would have to invent it: a house at the seaside – by more than 7,000 kilometres of coastline on the Baltic and North Sea. Denmark has been living the holiday (home) dream for generations – and it is always being reinvented. It all began very modestly – or elegantly, depending on your perspective. The first Danish summer visitors were nobles. They were first able to afford country houses in North Zealand in the 18th century, spending the summer months there. Around 1900, an increasing number of artists moved to authentic fishing towns such as Skagen in North Jutland and Hornbæk on Zealand. To this day, the works of the Skagen Painters and the Funen Painters attract thousands of art enthusiasts to Denmark's museums.

From the beginning of the last century, well-off Danes began building their own real holiday homes. The real success story of the Danish holiday home began in the 1950s, however. As prosperity increased among all classes, construction of the Danish "summer house" (sommerhus) as leisure accommodation soared – while there were approx. 40,000 by around 1950, today there are more than 220,000 holiday homes across the country.

However, it's not just the number of holiday homes that has changed. The character and lifestyle in these Danish holiday escapes are now more comparable with the holiday atmosphere of the 1970s, for example. At that time, the houses became progressively larger, more comfortable and more insulated. What had previously just been a summer holiday home could now become a home at any time of year. Today, these luxury houses of 100 or 120 square metres offer all imaginable amenities, such as washing machines and dishwashers, satellite TV, DVD players, Wi-Fi, whirlpool, sauna and more.

Despite increasing requirements, the "essence" of the Danish holiday home survived regardless of luxury and furnishing: making the dream of living in the middle of nature come true. On your own piece of land in a house that is arranged in a simple and pleasant way, with a clearly Nordic design. With a terrace for bright, endless summer evenings. Or a fire for a cosy atmosphere in autumn and winter. A fully-equipped kitchen where the family can meet and cook together - unlike in hectic day-to-day life at home. The dream brings couples together, brings several generations of families together, as well as friends who want to enjoy the countryside instead of the hustle and bustle of the city.

The choice of holiday homes these days ranges from wellness houses to houses with swimming pools, from houses for pet owners to houses for fishing, from energy saving houses to child-friendly activity houses with a pool table, table football and gaming consoles. The house with a sea view complements the holiday home near the city. You also have the choice of when you travel: Depending on the time of year, a Danish holiday home can be rented for several days or just a long weekend, with arrival on the day of your choice.

The secret behind the Danish word "Hygge".

It is well-known that the Danes have long been among the happiest people in the world. At least, that is what regular surveys suggest, such as the European Social Survey, which tracks the self-assessment of nations each year. There are many reasons why our Nordic neighbours find themselves in this permanent positive state. In other countries, it has been attributed to the Danish hygge phenomenon that the world has feverishly embraced. Even many Danes don't realise that the word "Hygge" has Norwegian origins...

Questions and answers concerning Denmark

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter houses can I choose from in Denmark?

There are 6300+ DanCenter houses in Denmark.

What are the most important places to visit in Denmark?

Some of the most important places to visit in Denmark are Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Odense, Helsingor, Copenhagen Opera House, and The Viking Ship Museum.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Denmark?

Some of the must-do activities in Denmark are:

  • Climbing the Råbjerg Mile
  • Visiting the Egeskov Castle
  • Bridge walking on Gamle Lillebæltsbro
  • Renting an electric boat in Copenhagen
  • Visiting historical sites
  • Taking cultural tours

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travelers from the UK can reach Denmark by flight, train, bus, car, and ferry.

What are the recommended dishes in Denmark?

Some of the recommended dishes in Denmark are Rød pølse (red sausage), Smørrebrød (open-face sandwich), Flæskesteg (a Christmas staple), and Frikadeller (meatballs).

When is the ideal time to visit Denmark?

The months between May to August are the best to visit Denmark.