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Holiday home on Lolland

Even though the fields and the flat structure dominate the lanscape, Lolland is always filled with experiences. One of the biggest attractions is Knuthenborg Park & Safari. Here you will find a whole day's fun. Lolland also has a number of free experiences you can try from your holiday home. The 3 best free experiences on the island include a visit to the large stone sculptures Dodekalitten, a visit to the big farm Knuthenlund and a walk in the pre-historic forest Halskov Vænge, where you will find 6 dolmens and 72 burial mounds.

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House no: 37640Nysted8 persons,  115 m²Pets are not allowed.50 m to coast.House no: 09496Rødby Havn6 persons,  90 m²Animals are allowed.500 m to coast.House no: 33469Askø8 persons,  100 m²Pets are not allowed.100 m to coast.A holiday cottage located on Askø, approx. 25 minutes with boat from Knuthenborg Park & Safari. A whirlpool and sauna can be found in the house. There is a kitchen with all modern facilities. There is PlayStation and VTEC computers for children ...House no: 42289Hyldtofte Østersøbad4 persons,  85 m²Animals are allowed.300 m to coast.House no: 04058Kramnitze8 persons,  95 m²Pets are not allowed.600 m to coast.House no: 58282Bredfjed10 persons,  157 m²Animals are allowed.400 m to coast.

Lolland is Denmark’s fourth largest island and is also called ”the pancake island” since the island is very flat. Nakskov and Maribo are the biggest towns and offer historical buildings and a large number of landmarks and attractions.

Lolland is dominated by fields. Especially in the western part of the island there are fields as far as the eye can see, but there are also fiord landscapes, big and small lakes and forest areas.

Lolland’s biggest town, Nakskov, is beautifully situated at the head of Nakskov fiord. The town is characterized by the various old, half-timbered houses, warehouses and merchants’ houses. At the harbour area you will find Postbåden (the postal boat) which offers trips to the small islands of Nakskov fiord.

The second biggest town, Maribo, is situated in central Lolland with a beautiful view to the Maribo lakes. During summer you can go sailing on the lakes to visit the small and charming islands. The town is especially known for its dome, which is an old convent church. You may also visit Maribo Frilandsmuseum, an outdoor museum with old houses and farm houses from Lolland and Falster.

The most popular place to visit is the intersting Knuthenborg Park & Safari where you can admire more than 800 exotic animals of all sizes and weights. Meet the tigers, giraffes and rhinoceros among other animals.