FAQ Covid-19

We understand that the covid-19 virus creates an uncertain and ever-changing situation for all of us, and therefore you might have a lot of questions. We are ready to help you.

The situation surrounding covid-19 change by the hour, and we try to keep up to date. However this also means that we reserve the right to change the information on this page from time to time.

Our customer service is currently very busy, so we encourage you look on this page for information.

Last update 17.04.2020

Dear Guest,

As a result of covid-19 many countries have decided to close their borders, among others Denmark. Naturally, it affects you and your vacation in Denmark.

Why have I received a rebooking on main?
We understand that you were not able to visit the home and it would take you a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect home for your next vacation. Since bookings for 2021 have already opened on our website and homes are filling fast, we do not want you to miss out on the chance of staying in your favorite holiday home. Therefore, we have reserved the same holiday home for you in 2021 that you had booked for 2020.

How can I accept the rebooking that DanCenter suggested in the email?
Please click on the link “I want to keep this booking” in the email that you received from DanCenter. The amount that you already paid for your old booking will be used to pay for the new booking. We have secured your new booking at the same price as your original booking.

A confirmation email of your new booking with documents will be sent to your email address after 15th April.

Can I change my new booking period or book a different house?
Yes, if you also want to change to a different period or a different house. Please click the link “I want to change this booking”. We’ll send you an email on how you can rebook after 15th April.

If your new booking is more expensive than your original booking you will have to pay the difference between the two bookings.

If your new booking is cheaper than your original booking DanCenter will issue a voucher for the remaining amount.

I clicked on the link to accept the booking suggested by DanCenter by mistake, what happens now?
Please contact our Customer Service.

By when do I need to respond on the e-mail?
You need to respond to the email before 31st December 2020. But please remember that the most demanded houses are being booked first so please respond to this e-mail as fast as possible.

Why can’t I modify my booking right away?
We are overwhelmed by the situation arising out of Covid-19 and we are managing responses to our customers and home owners already in the queue. We appreciate your patience in this regard, and we will be able to come back to your request in about two weeks, when our backlog clears. Since the modification can be done before 31st December, 2020, we have sufficient time. Thank you for understanding