About DanCenter

DanCenter A/S is one of the largest intermediaries of holiday homes in the Danish market.

As an intermediary of holiday homes we establish the contact between the single holiday home owner with whom we have made a contract and the customer interested in renting a specific holiday home - in other words, we do not own the holiday homes. Consequently our expertise has nothing to do with building and buying real estate, but with establishing contact between the holiday home owner and the tenant/customer.

DanCenter A/S has made contracts with thousands of holiday home owners.

We have made contracts with approximately 10,000 holiday home owners. This takes a considerable number of employees forming a strong team, a team with the right qualifications, good co-operation skills and a profound understanding of professional handling of holiday home rental. There are approximately 60 persons in our head office and approximately 100 persons spread on a large number of local offices and sales companies.

Our ambition is very high quality at all levels.

We have an ongoing educational programme for our employees to ensure that we are continuously improving within the areas important to our customers, and we are always updated on what our customers find important – simply because we ask them! Through dialogue you reach a mutual understanding, which we have chosen to call partnership.

High quality means positive experiences.

And positive experiences are important. They keep us going as human beings - they can be shared with others - and in this way we create an important spirit of community with the ones dear to us. In DanCenter A/S we have an extensive knowledge of how to help you get some really positive experiences during the holiday, and we would like to share this knowledge with you on the following pages.

We hope that you will get inspired and look forward to welcoming you in one of our many holiday homes.

Have a great time!