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Jutland's west coast is diverse. It can be raw and wild. Mild and warm. Vast and vibrant. The fascination with the unique west coast draws millions of national and international guests every year. The west coast is the common denominator for a number of experiments.

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House no: 40601Fjand8 persons,  135 m²Pets are not allowed.600 m to coast.CHoliday cttage with whirlpool and sauna, fully renovated in 2011/2012. Located on a partially enclosed plot approx. 600 m from Nissum Fjord and a short distance to the North Sea. This spacious and well equipped cottage is built in two levels ...House no: 26368Bork Havn6 persons,  100 m²Pets are not allowed.50 m to coast.Holiday cottage with whirlpool, sauna and a unique location approx. 50 m from Ringkøbing Fjord. The house was renovated in 2005/2006 with modern designs and has i.a. flatscreen-TV, satellite, stereo with CD-palyer and a DVD player. The bathrooms ...House no: 30806Vrist8 persons,  110 m²Animals are allowed.150 m to coast.Holiday cottage built in the best materials including 3 bedrooms, mezzanine and 2 bathrooms, one with whirlpool and sauna. Functional, modern kitchen with virtually all equipment. Bright living room with modern furniture. There is a sandpit. ...House no: 28965Vrist6 persons,  95 m²Pets are not allowed.340 m to coast.Modernised holiday cottage located approx. 340 m from the North Sea with the large, wide sandy beach with great views of the areas and dunes. Good furnishings and a heat pump and gas cooker with electric oven. The price includes gas. The bathroom ...House no: 56306Toftum Bjerge6 persons,  100 m²Animals are allowed.400 m to coast.House no: 88838Vrist5 persons,  120 m²Pets are not allowed.300 m to coast.Renovated holiday cottage located in Vrist, close to good shopping and only approx. 300 m from the roaring North Sea. From easter to week 42 there are approx. 170 m to a grocery. The house is located on an approx. 1000 m² large natural plot ...

The western coast of Jutland is characterized by the North Sea

- or the Western Sea as the Danes call it. In this part of Denmark you are close to nature - the immense sky, the salty water and the wide beaches. The Limfiord area in the northern part of Jutland is more smiling, hilly and luxuriant with small sounds, coves and bays.

Sheltered by the dunes of the western coast you will find the huge plantations, and in the middle of the moors of the central part of Jutland you will find wide, open areas covered by heather. From Skallingen north of Esbjerg stretches the Jutland Wadden Sea (Vadehavet) with its characteristic tidal waters and the flat marshlands.

Along many parts of the western coast there are long, wide beaches with fine, white sand and big dune areas, and the sea here might be violent. The waters of the Limfiorden are more quiet, and here you can find many child friendly beaches.

The westernmost point of Denmark is called Blåvandshuk. From here you can see Horns Rev Havmøllepark (offshore wind farm) – one of the biggest in the world. Blåvand Lighthouse is one of various lighthouses along the western coast. In the area around the lighthouse there are 50 military bunkers left from the Second World War. But this is only one of the many places to see remaining fortifications – you will find them all over the western coast.

The dune areas of the western coast of Denmark are big and have endless sea views. The plantations of the interior parts of the country offer various interesting nature experiences – in Klosterhede Plantage south of Lemvig you can meet beavers among other animals, and in the plantations of Blåbjerg and Oksbøl you will find the biggest red deer stock in Denmark.

On the narrow isthmus of Holmsland Klit there are both nice, long beaches and a beautiful, protected nature reserve. By Skjern Å and in its unique surroundings you might be lucky to meet otters and to catch salmons.