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Your upcoming holiday destination is Germany

Take a holiday in Germany and discover all the beautiful regions it has to offer. The German Baltic and North Sea costs are popular holiday destinations with great holiday homes. Many of them constructed in the typical Scandinavian style. The range is huge – from classic holiday homes to large activity houses with a pool, sauna and whirlpool, you have everything you need.

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Great attractions in Northern Germany

In Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, there are many recommended attractions and attractions for exciting experiences during your vacation!

  • German Emigration Center Bremerhaven
  • Natureum Lower Elbe
  • HANSA Park Sierksdorf
  • SEA LIFE Timmendorfer Strand
  • Baltic Sea Therme Scharbeutz
  • Marine Center Fehmarn
  • Tierpark Gettorf
  • 7,378 holiday homes for Germany

    Holiday home in Kieler BuchtHouse no: 54890Kieler Bucht8 persons,  89 m²1 m to coast.Holiday home in GermanyHouse no: 144285Germany2 persons,  46 m²Holiday home in Olpenitz/Kappeln, OstseeHouse no: 76602Olpenitz/Kappeln, Ostsee18 persons,  242 m²950 m to coast.Holiday home in Mecklenburg Western PomeraniaHouse no: 124569Mecklenburg Western Pomerania4 persons,  130 m²Holiday home in Mecklenburg Western PomeraniaHouse no: 137149Mecklenburg Western Pomerania6 persons,  135 m²Holiday home in Kieler BuchtHouse no: 54899Kieler Bucht4 persons,  57 m²1 m to coast.Holiday home in BavariaHouse no: 149424Bavaria4 persons,  50 m²Holiday home in Kieler BuchtHouse no: 54896Kieler Bucht6 persons,  76 m²1 m to coast.Holiday home in NiedersachsenHouse no: 140228Niedersachsen3 persons,  32 m²450 m to coast.Holiday home in GermanyHouse no: 157133Germany4 persons,  45 m²Holiday home in SaxonyHouse no: 142722Saxony3 persons,  37 m²Holiday home in SauerlandHouse no: 121025Sauerland4 persons,  76 m²Holiday home in SaxonyHouse no: 120918Saxony2 persons,  55 m²Holiday home in Kieler BuchtHouse no: 54892Kieler Bucht8 persons,  89 m²1 m to coast.Holiday home in Kieler BuchtHouse no: 54891Kieler Bucht8 persons,  89 m²1 m to coast.Holiday home in Schleswig-HolsteinHouse no: 141264Schleswig-Holstein2 persons,  83 m²750 m to coast.Holiday home in Weitere Ostsee-RegionenHouse no: 144758Weitere Ostsee-Regionen3 persons,  43 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in Olpenitz/Kappeln, OstseeHouse no: 77156Olpenitz/Kappeln, Ostsee16 persons,  221 m²950 m to coast.Holiday home in Weser UplandsHouse no: 125038Weser Uplands4 persons,  90 m²Holiday home in Berlin-BrandenburgHouse no: 145701Berlin-Brandenburg6 persons,  146 m²Holiday home in SauerlandHouse no: 124420Sauerland4 persons,  80 m²Holiday home in Marina Wendtorf, OstseeHouse no: 43469Marina Wendtorf, Ostsee6 persons,  71 m²20 m to coast.Holiday home in Marina Wendtorf, OstseeHouse no: 43491Marina Wendtorf, Ostsee4 persons,  69 m²20 m to coast.Holiday home in Mecklenburg Western PomeraniaHouse no: 146385Mecklenburg Western Pomerania2 persons,  100 m²Holiday home in Schleswig-HolsteinHouse no: 139680Schleswig-Holstein2 persons,  83 m²750 m to coast.Holiday home in SaxonyHouse no: 123236Saxony2 persons,  40 m²Holiday home in Weser UplandsHouse no: 122600Weser Uplands2 persons,  65 m²Holiday home in Marina Wendtorf, OstseeHouse no: 43501Marina Wendtorf, Ostsee2 persons,  44 m²20 m to coast.Holiday home in Weitere Ostsee-RegionenHouse no: 141486Weitere Ostsee-Regionen4 persons,  81 m²Holiday home in Olpenitz/Kappeln, OstseeHouse no: 77140Olpenitz/Kappeln, Ostsee24 persons,  298 m²950 m to coast.
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    Holiday in Germany

    The best is within reach: A holiday home in Germany, more specifically, on the German North Sea or Baltic Sea. Its wide variety of landscapes makes Germany a popular travel destination. Breaks in holiday homes are particularly popular with many holidaymakers. Dreamy white sand beaches by the Baltic Sea, the Wadden Sea at the North Sea, large forests, mountains and idyllic towns in the low mountain ranges and the breath-taking alpine landscape in the south - every region offers a unique holiday experience. Enjoy the regional specialities, the cultural variety and beautiful nature of Germany during your holiday home break. Active holidaymakers will love the variety of activities, such as cycling, windsurfing or mudflat walking on the coast, or mountaineering and hiking in mountainous regions. You won't regret a holiday in Germany, as the coastal regions really have a lot to offer! Holiday, Germany, sea – they go together better than you might think.

    Holiday in Germany by the sea

    In the north of Germany alone, DanCenter lets out over 500 holiday homes and apartments along the German coasts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

    Choose your holiday home from a variety of houses by the sea with a Scandinavian feel. The best equipped feel-good homes are all located near the coast. Fire, sauna, whirlpool, pool and internet connection are all included - what more could you want? Spend your holiday at the mouth of the River Elbe, where it meets the North Sea, in the beautiful town of Otterndorf. On the Baltic Sea, in beautiful Schleswig-Holstein, there are several great holiday destinations, such as Scharbeutz, Grömitz, Großenbrode, Olpenitz, the Bay of Kiel and Gelting Bay. No matter whether you are travelling as a couple and looking for a small holiday apartment on the coast or need a holiday home in Germany for a large group, you will find what you're looking for. The largest houses are designed for up to 24 guests.

    Baltic Sea holiday Germany

    The German Baltic Sea and North Sea coastlines are popular destinations, offering long, white sand beaches and countless leisure activities.

    These days, nearly 30 years on from German reunification, Schleswig-Holstein's Baltic coast is more attractive than ever, with fine, well-maintained beaches where you can swim and relax. stylish promenades are like an individual invitation to take a stroll, bright Nordic accommodation straight from the seventies. The Nordic lifestyle has even made the leap across the North Sea. It's all happening in Northern Germany!

    The typical Danish lifestyle, this mixture of cheerful relaxation, friendliness and a world of wonderful things can be found in its purest form in original Danish holiday homes. Except your Danish holiday home is located in Germany. There are already 350 of these properties on the German Baltic and North Sea coasts that give your holiday that original Danish vibe through their architecture and stylishly cosy interior design, all of which can be found among the DanCenter portfolio. Find your holiday home for your Baltic holiday in Germany!

    Holiday in Germany - tips

    If you are toying with the idea of taking a holiday in Germany near the coast, ask yourself which region is best for you and what you can do there. We have a few "Holiday in Germany tips" for you:

    The wind in your hair, the sea stretching out before you - cycling along the German coast

    Cycling is just as much a part of the Baltic and North Sea coastlines these days as essential holiday experiences like swimming, sailing or mudflat walking.

    Mr Drais would be delighted! More than 200 years after inventing the bicycle, he would see whole hosts of people who use his patented means of transport for getting to school and work, as a "packhorse" for transporting goods – or for discovering the world. If you would like to immerse yourself in the Schleswig-Holstein holiday destination, there is a wonderful "Travel and experience guide" for the Baltic coast cycle path.

    The counterpart to the North Sea cycle path stretches more than 430 kilometres from Kupfermühle near Flensburg to Lübeck-Travemünde. The long-distance cycle path is rightfully among the most popular cycle routes in Germany: sometimes it follows the beach, sometimes steep forested banks, then back through the green countryside or small harbour towns. Over eleven stages, for which you can download GPS data, you can discover the history, culture and landscape of the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic coast. For instance, in Flensburg, where the every day life of a modern border town is coupled with a Danish history and lively harbour atmosphere. Or in Eckernförde, where the white beaches and a quaint old town offer that pure holiday vibe.

    Cruise ships, sailors and surfers define the maritime image of the Bay of Kiel, where you will find the DanCenter houses of Wendtorf Marina, one of the largest sport boat harbours in Schleswig-Holstein. The section of the long-distance cycle path through the Probstei on the east bank of the firth offers highlights on solid land: idyllic countryside with stately homes and farms, beach life and museum boats, and the Bottsand nature reserve all offer great ways to pass the time. From the Probstei, the path veers towards the sunny island of Fehmarn. You can take a spin around it on the Baltic coast cycle path – or take a detour inland to discover the island's history.

    Finally, at Lubeck Bay, you will encounter the string of holiday resorts and their long beaches: Großenbrode, Dahme, Grömitz, Scharbeutz and Timmendorf to name just a few. Long piers project into the Baltic Sea and promenades invite you to take a stroll. On the steep bank of Brodten, cyclists are rewarded with a fantastic view over Lubeck Bay and the Bay of Mecklenburg. Then as if all by itself, your bike will lead you to the fish sandwiches and casino of lively Travemünde.

    Questions and answers concerning Germany

    We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

    How many DanCenter holiday homes can I choose from in Germany?

    There are around 500+ DanCenter holiday homes in Germany.

    What are the most important places to visit in Germany?

    Baltic Sea Coast, Rugen Island, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Cologne, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are some places that you must visit in Germany.

    Any activities that I must include during my stay in Germany?

    Some of the must-try activities in Germany are- Beach hopping

    • Cycling along the coastline
    • Visiting cathedrals
    • Exploring museums
    • Discovering beer breweries

    If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

    Travellers from the UK can reach Germany by air, rail, ferry or motor vehicles.

    What are the recommended dishes in Germany?

    Sauerbraten (Roast Beef Stew), Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle), Rinderroulade (Beef Roll), Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage), Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Pancake), Kartoffelkloesse (Potato Dumplings) are some of the recommended dishes in Germany.

    When is the ideal time to visit Germany?

    Germany can be visited all year round, but the main tourist season stretches from May to September.