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Rent a holiday home or chalet in Southern Sweden and Skåne

Skåne and Österlen, this is Sweden's southernmost region and a very popular holiday destination

Rent a holiday home for your next holiday with DanCenter holiday home rental service. Use our smart search function below to find an available holiday home in your preferred area. You can also filter your search to only bring up alternatives that suit your particular wishes, for example, only holiday homes that have a sea view, pool, dishwasher, internet, etc.

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77 holiday homes for Skåne and Österlen

Holiday home in HästvedaHouse no: 94463Hästveda6 persons,  85 m²900 m to coast.Holiday home in Skånes FagerhultHouse no: 8864Skånes Fagerhult4 persons,  77 m²20 m to coast.Holiday home in BåstadHouse no: 16907Båstad2 persons,  20 m²950 m to coast.Holiday home in VittsjöHouse no: 25234Vittsjö4 persons,  56 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in YngsjöHouse no: 8247Yngsjö3 persons,  70 m²1.6 km to coast.Holiday home in HöllvikenHouse no: 27750Höllviken3 persons,  30 m²800 m to coast.Holiday home in TyringeHouse no: 71888Tyringe4 persons,  97 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in LöddeköpingeHouse no: 9774Löddeköpinge4 persons,  50 m²3.5 km to coast.Holiday home in TostebergaHouse no: 74935Tosteberga3 persons,  69 m²1.5 km to coast.Holiday home in SimrishamnHouse no: 4802Simrishamn6 persons,  122 m²4.9 km to coast.Holiday home in VittsjöHouse no: 96168Vittsjö7 persons,  100 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in TjörnarpHouse no: 76391Tjörnarp6 persons,  66 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in ImmelnHouse no: 74701Immeln5 persons,  100 m²2.0 km to coast.Holiday home in VittsjöHouse no: 6666Vittsjö6 persons,  90 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in ÅsljungaHouse no: 66056Åsljunga4 persons,  40 m²1.8 km to coast.Holiday home in OsbyHouse no: 98350Osby5 persons,  67 m²30 m to coast.Holiday home in TjörnarpHouse no: 57566Tjörnarp5 persons,  74 m²270 m to coast.Holiday home in HästvedaHouse no: 9983Hästveda6 persons,  95 m²250 m to coast.Holiday home in PerstorpHouse no: 36448Perstorp6 persons,  48 m²15 m to coast.Holiday home in BeddingestrandHouse no: 99193Beddingestrand6 persons,  92 m²360 m to coast.Holiday home in VittsjöHouse no: 6340Vittsjö6 persons,  60 m²9 km to coast.Holiday home in KristianstadHouse no: 10336Kristianstad5 persons,  104 m²1.6 km to coast.Holiday home in OsbyHouse no: 32005Osby8 persons,  85 m²4.0 km to coast.Holiday home in KivikHouse no: 6781Kivik6 persons,  160 m²50 m to coast.Holiday home in HässleholmHouse no: 37417Hässleholm2 persons,  23 m²2.0 km to coast.Holiday home in SandhammarenHouse no: 44945Sandhammaren6 persons,  50 m²1.8 km to coast.Holiday home in YstadHouse no: 70110Ystad4 persons,  83 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in SimrishamnHouse no: 4700Simrishamn4 persons,  38 m²7 km to coast.Holiday home in SimrishamnHouse no: 4701Simrishamn4 persons,  38 m²7 km to coast.Holiday home in ÖrkelljungaHouse no: 8303Örkelljunga7 persons,  125 m²6.0 km to coast.
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Holidaying in Skåne and Österlen

Beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, a beautiful archipelago, open landscapes and lush forests. In Skåne and Blekinge, Sweden's two southernmost provinces, there is something for everyone. Go fishing for salmon in the Mörrumsån river, sunbathe and swim at one of the many wonderful sandy beaches, take a boat ride in the archipelago, or pop over to Denmark for the day.

In the northern part of Skåne

Here you will find beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, lovely nature reserves and charming towns. The Kullaberg Nature Reserve is home to one of Skåne's most popular destinations, Nimis. A unique art installation on a stony shore that requires a little effort to get to, although it is well worth it once you're there! The artist, Lars Vilks, has built everything from driftwood: bridges, tunnels, observation towers, and so on.

Båstad is known as the home of the Swedish Open tennis tournament, and the town attracts a great many visitors during the annual and incredibly popular Båstad Tennis Week in July. A swarm of people descend on Båstad at this time of year and really bring the Bjäre Peninsula to life. However, if you want to get away from the action for a while, Båstad is also known for its lovely beaches and the Hovs Hallar nature reserve, with its impressive cliff faces that look out over the sea.

Helsingör is less than 4 km from Helsingborg, and many people visit the city for that reason alone, which could explain why it is the busiest ferry line in the world.

In the north-eastern part of Skåne you can experience untouched wilderness, deep primeval forests, meandering streams and cool lakes. A perfect destination for anyone longing for tranquillity and the opportunity to explore the region's unique nature. This is an area that also offers exciting and fun activities and adventures for children and adults alike. Let the weather and your mood govern your planning! Do you fancy pedalling a draisine and rushing through the forest, or is it perhaps the perfect day to go on a hike with alpacas and ride Icelandic horses? Alternatively, you could go canoeing, fishing and swimming in one of northern Skåne's many lakes. In this part of Skåne you will find holiday homes situated in the woods and by lakes such as Immeln and Ivö, or you can choose Åhus, a wonderful summer town.

Southern Skåne and Österlen

For many people, the nature in the southwestern part of Skåne is the symbol of southern Sweden, with wide-ranging cornfields and the long avenues of willows so typical of the region. This is an area offering a wide range of farm shops, world-class golf courses and some of Sweden's most beautiful beaches. This part of Skåne is sometimes referred to as "Sweden's pantry" due to the fertile soil here. Some lovely places to visit include Beddinge Beach, Abbekås, Gislövs läge, Höllviken and Smygehamn.

Find your inspiration and enrich your life in Malmö, Sweden's third largest city. With the countryside of Skåne still nearby, Malmö offers a vibrant street life, a selection of more than 800 shops, and a wonderful mix of history, culture and entertainment. The Malmö Festival takes place in August each year, filling the city with visitors during a week-long programme of shows, concerts and dance performances, along with food stands and other attractions. If you happen to miss the Malmö Festival, there's always Aq-va-kul, Scandinavia's largest indoor swimming complex.

Österlen is known for its beautiful nature and wonderful coastline, as well as for its many artists. Why not spend a day strolling around the wide array of galleries and studios. You will meet everyone from painters to glass-blowers, and during Easter no less than 100,000 visitors come here to enjoy the fruits of the artists' winter creativity.

Tosselilla Summer Park provides plenty of fun for the young ones, with attractions including pools, bouncy castles, roller coasters and water coasters. On the Tarzan Trails the challenge is "Don't Touch the Ground", and the amusement park is full of exciting rides for kids of all ages. The go-cart track and pony rides are also usually very popular.

Regardless of whether you prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside or a little more excitement, there is something for everyone here. In the eastern part of Skåne, in Österlen, you will find an array of fantastic destinations such as the Stenshuvud National Park, the Brösarpsbackar hills, the Österlen Chocolate Factory, the Ale's Stones megalithic monument, art trails and a little flea market on almost every farm. If sun and water is your idea of the perfect holiday, this region offers beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, open landscapes, lush forests and beautiful nature reserves. Or perhaps your main priority is a holiday home with a boat for fishing. There is also a wide selection of shopping, events and exciting destinations for the whole family. Why not take a day trip to Denmark, or to the south-western part of Skåne and Malmö's urban beat.

Holiday homes for rent in Österlen in Skåne

Österlen is situated in the south-eastern part of Skåne and is best known for its magical beauty and its vineyards, cafés, art galleries, markets and charming restaurants and bars. Choose a convenient way to discover this beautiful part of Skåne and the surrounding area, and embark on a road trip. It's possible to take in a number of different attractions in a single day here in Österlen, Sweden's answer to Provence. This wonderful part of our country provides you and your companions with a fantastic array of memorable destinations. Why not pay a visit to Åhus, Simrishamn or Ystad? Our range of holiday homes includes options from north to south, with something to suit everyone's taste, regardless of whether you're looking for a cheap cottage in the area or a large house with every conceivable convenience, such as a good internet connection, wood-burning stove, dishwasher and washing machine. In other words, everything that you and your companions need for a comfortable and wonderful holiday in Skåne or Österlen!

Questions and answers concerning Skåne and Österlen

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter houses can I choose from in Skåne and Österlen?

You can choose from 50+ DanCenter houses in Skåne and Österlen.

What are the most important places to visit in Skåne and Österlen?

Skanor beach, Ystad, Mölle, Ales Stenar Monument, Pildammsparken Park, Stenshuvud National Park and Malmö Castle are some of the places to visit in Skåne and Österlen.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Skåne and Österlen?

Some of the must-try activities in Skåne and Österlen are:

  • Camping
  • Bird watching
  • Kayaking and canoeing
  • Visiting national parks and museums
  • Horse riding
  • Hiking
  • Cross-country skiing

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Tourists from the UK can reach Skåne and Österlen by flight (Copenhagen or Malmø airport) or train.

What are the recommended dishes in Skåne and Österlen?

Skånsk spettkaka, Svartsoppa , skånsk Äppelkaka, Kavring are some of the most popular dishes in Skåne and Österlen.

When is the ideal time to visit Skåne and Österlen?

From May till September is the best time to visit Skåne and Österlen. January is a great time to enjoy winter sports.