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Blekinge in Sweden — Rent a holiday home with DanCenter

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Holiday home in HällevikHouse no: 51963Hällevik6 persons,  75 m²322 m to coast.Holiday home in Sölvesborg/Norje BokeHouse no: 44669Sölvesborg/Norje Boke7 persons,  52 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in RonnebyHouse no: 48668Ronneby4 persons,  45 m²3.0 km to coast.Holiday home in HörvikHouse no: 24759Hörvik4 persons,  70 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in HörvikHouse no: 29627Hörvik11 persons,  115 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in BelganetHouse no: 9831Belganet6 persons,  99 m²5.6 km to coast.Holiday home in RonnebyHouse no: 53479Ronneby2 persons,  30 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in BelganetHouse no: 29476Belganet4 persons,  70 m²5.0 km to coast.Holiday home in Ronneby-EkenäsHouse no: 26037Ronneby-Ekenäs4 persons,  30 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in NogersundHouse no: 16577Nogersund5 persons,  45 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in RonnebyHouse no: 8417Ronneby4 persons,  33 m²1 m to coast.Holiday home in SölvesborgHouse no: 53335Sölvesborg7 persons,  220 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in FäjöHouse no: 48546Fäjö4 persons,  35 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in BackarydHouse no: 53655Backaryd4 persons,  50 m²70 m to coast.Holiday home in NorjeHouse no: 53940Norje3 persons,  25 m²250 m to coast.Holiday home in NogersundHouse no: 16382Nogersund6 persons,  85 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in Karlskrona SkärgårdHouse no: 8612Karlskrona Skärgård5 persons,  70 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in BelganetHouse no: 45997Belganet6 persons,  68 m²4.0 km to coast.Holiday home in PukavikHouse no: 7226Pukavik4 persons,  36 m²25 m to coast.Holiday home in HolmsjöHouse no: 43655Holmsjö4 persons,  50 m²Holiday home in SölvesborgHouse no: 53312Sölvesborg7 persons,  81 m²240 m to coast.Holiday home in KyrkhultHouse no: 65662Kyrkhult6 persons,  110 m²60 m to coast.Holiday home in SölvesborgHouse no: 9938Sölvesborg6 persons,  70 m²75 m to coast.Holiday home in BelganetHouse no: 9723Belganet7 persons,  110 m²400 m to coast.Holiday home in KuggebodaHouse no: 44371Kuggeboda8 persons,  75 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in BelganetHouse no: 25495Belganet4 persons,  40 m²1.5 km to coast.Holiday home in KarlskronaHouse no: 9996Karlskrona8 persons,  140 m²1.0 km to coast.Holiday home in BelganetHouse no: 37412Belganet4 persons,  65 m²150 m to coast.Holiday home in KarlshamnHouse no: 54621Karlshamn4 persons,  60 m²1.4 km to coast.Holiday home in SölvesborgHouse no: 44603Sölvesborg5 persons,  153 m²900 m to coast.
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The area is also called “Sveriges Trädgård”, the garden of Sweden, because of its beautiful nature, sea and archipelago. Almost all of Blekinge is beautifully situated along the Baltic Sea with its own archipelago and small and large islands. Angling in the river of Mörrum is very popular, but also many of the small lakes in the area attract a lot of angling enthusiasts.

Even though Blekinge is situated a bit off the beaten track, there is still something for every taste. Experience the nature from the bicycle- and hiking paths which are all over Blekinge. The Blekinge route of 22 miles is the most challenging one. The area offers opportunity to go hiking, canoe paddling and sailing. The long stretch of coast and the many lakes have a lot to offer both for fishing enthusiasts as well as for those who just want to relax in the beautiful nature.

In Karlshamn, it is possible to angle in the world-famous Mörrum River or catch sea trout in Norje gryt or Sillnäss Udde. Catch garfish in Hällevik or Tredenborg, or why not enjoy fresh-caught perch from Valjeviken for dinner?

You may dive in the Baltic Sea at Karlshamn or spend the day on Sölvesborg beach, which is the finest sand beach in Blekinge. Experience the archipelago on foot, bicycle or from a boat. Stop on a small island and enjoy a picnic in the beautiful nature.

However, also Blekinge has other things to offer. The whole family can have a lot of fun and challenges at Kreativum (which corresponds to Eksperimentarium in Denmark). 2000 m2 are filled with play and learn activities and there are also a number of outdoor facilities. One of the three largest cinemas in Sweden, Mega Dome, is also worth visiting.

At the maritime museum in Karlskrona, you will find the history of the Swedish navy illustrated by original models from the 17th century up till today – among other things the submarine is worth visiting. Go exploring the exciting underground tunnel and learn more about the marine archaeological world. Furthermore Karlskrona is on Unesco’s list of World Heritage sites.

For those interested in music, Norje, Sölvesborg and Sweden Rock Festival are all being held in June. Hällvik Tradjazzfestival starts in August and takes place in the small fishing hamlet in Listerlandet.

Børnenes Gård, with focus on life in the countryside, is an exciting attraction for families with children. Here you will find a refreshing water park, where the children can play while the parents relax. Furthermore there are a number of other activities aimed at children.

Excursions in the nature are a must in Sweden. Ronneby Brunnspark is one of the most beautiful parks in Sweden with different events and exhibitions. Räntemåla Gården offers activities in the nature. Among other things, it is possible to experience dears and elks in their natural environment. In Karlshamn, you can go horse riding as in the Wild West, rent Iceland ponies and make a trip on horseback.

It is very easy to spend a whole day in the nature reserve Tjärö which has free ranging animals, fields and meadows. It is also possible to visit caves, cliffs or paddle a canoe to the small islands nearby.

At Tärnö in the archipelago of Hällaryd, it is very easy to relax in the beautiful surroundings. Take a walk in the picturesque, unique and authentic streets. Hanö is also a very popular tourist attraction and has, among other things, a beautiful, well-preserved city heart dating back to the Middle Ages.

In Ronneby you can relax on the golf course, but you can also choose the course in Sölvesborg in the most beautiful location, or may be you prefer the large 36-hole course in Karlshamnn. Make a trip to the fortress island, Kastellet, where plays are performed in the summer. Visit the house of adventure, Boda Borg in Sävsjö, where it is possible to test your physical and intellectual ability. A visit to the automobile museum in Olofström is a must for automobile enthusiasts. Pay a visit to Snärjeskogen which is the most splendid event area of Blekinge. You can taste different wines and whiskeys, fish for crabs, take a bath in the large heated Viking baths or just enjoy nature and a well deserved gourmet meal.

In short, Blekinge has a lot to offer both for those who seek experiences in the nature and those looking for adventure, culture or just some peace and quiet.

Questions and answers concerning Blekinge

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter holiday homes can I choose from in Blekinge?

There are 30+ DanCenter holiday homes in Blekinge.

What are the most important places to visit in Blekinge?

Marinmuseum Karlskrona, The Kungsholm Fortress, Blekinge Museum, Ronneby Brunnspark, Mörrumsån, Blekinge Archipelago and Brokamåla Farm are some of the most important places to visit in Blekinge.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Blekinge?

Some of the must-try activities in Blekinge are:

  • Visiting museums and historic sites
  • Enjoying nature walks
  • Fishing
  • Golf

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Tourists from the UK can reach Blekinge via a combination of flights and trains.

What are the recommended dishes in Blekinge?

Sourdough cinnamon buns, fried herring with dill, salted cod, rye bread and salmon and eel soup are some of the most famous dishes in Blekinge.

When is the ideal time to visit Blekinge?

The best time to visit Blekinge is from June to September.