Rent a chalet in Halland - a true beach paradise!

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Rent a chalet in Halland - a true beach paradise!

If you want to book a chalet in Halland, by a sandy beach with a wonderful sea view, then you have come to the right place! The sea, sun and salt air, the sound of the waves and the lovely shallow sandy beaches. No wonder so many of us choose to holiday in Halland each year. It simply isn't possible to find a more perfect summer setting. There is always something to do in Halland. Apart from swimming and sunbathing, you can also enjoy an array of other activities, such as windsurfing, canoeing, fishing, visiting the market on the town square, or just taking a relaxing stroll in the beautiful surroundings.

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167 holiday homes for Halland

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Holidaying in Halland

A true summer paradise! Halland offers lovely beaches, beautiful nature, charming towns and good shopping. Kungsbacka has a small town feel yet still offers a wide selection of shops and restaurants. There are many great deals to be found in the Freeport shopping centre in Kungsbacka. A journey through historic grandeur awaits at Tjolöholm, a castle built in Tudor style at the end of the 19th century.

Shallow sandy beaches

The area's fantastic shallow sandy beaches are the main attraction for many visitors during the summer period. The most popular beaches in Halland are Tylösand, Mellbystrand, Skreastrand and Apelviken.

Varberg, the pearl of Sweden's west coast, is a popular tourist destination in the area. Many Swedes visit Varberg for a holiday or a long weekend break. Varberg offers lovely beaches, an exciting historical fortress and a lively market around the small town square. Apelviken, the largest of the beaches, is one of Europe's best locations for windsurfing and kitesurfing, so put your board under your arm and enjoy the action!

In 2018, Falkenberg received the "Worth a Visit" award in White Guide! In other words, great food is yet one more reason to visit fantastic Falkenberg.

Falkenberg has no less than 15 km of sandy beaches, offering everything from the popular Skreastrand beach, with its activities and After Beach entertainment, to quiet inlets where bathers can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.

Not just a seaside location

There are more than 500 lakes and many nice rivers in Halland. In other words, canoeing is a popular attraction in the area. So why not paddle up the Nissan rIver or go fishing for salmon in the Ätran rIver, a popular salmon fishing location. If you feel like going on an exciting sea fishing trip, you can hop on board in Falkenberg harbour.

A number of cycling and hiking trails wind their way through Halland. One tip for an active family day out is to hike a couple of sections of the Hallandsleden trail, or to hop on your bikes and ride a stretch of the Cykelspåret cycling trail.

A visit to the Gekås superstore in Ullared, Sweden's most visited shopping centre, is an absolute must! On the way there or back you can also stop at the Ätran river, a popular salmon fishing spot.

Halmstad is a popular destination during the summer, although there is also plenty to do and see in the city during the winter, with a wide selection of stores, restaurants and bars. There are a number of nice beaches in the area, the most popular of which is probably Tylösand. "Wonderland" is a popular playground attraction for families with children.

Laholm is a charming little town close to the well-known coastal resorts of Mellbystrand and Skummeslövstrand. The Lagan river is the best recreational fishing location for salmon and trout fishing. On the Hallandsås horst you can enjoy walking in the lovely beech woods. In the winter, Laholm is Sweden's southernmost ski resort.

Chalets in Halland

Our selection of holiday homes includes more than 130 chalets available for rent in wonderful Halland – from Kungsbacka in the north, all the way down to Mellbystrand in southern Halland.

To the south of Kungsbacka and Gothenburg lies beautiful Varberg with Apelviken. You will also find wonderful sandy beaches around Falkenberg, where the shallow, wide and comfortable Skreastrand beach is a particularly popular destination, or perhaps you may prefer to enjoy the attractions of Halmstad and lovely Tylösand on your holiday this year. Taking a barefoot stroll in the sand by the sea creates wonderful memories of childhood summers - memories you can now relive again and again.

The proximity to the sea provides the opportunity for wonderful days spent on lovely sandy beaches that stretch along the entire coast of Halland. During the summer period you will find at least one enjoyable After Beach spot in every town. A number of different events are held in the area, such as the Swedish Beach Volleyball Championships, music concerts and jazz festivals.

Beech woods, berries and mushrooms

Halland also has many large beech woods as well as excellent opportunities for those who enjoy picking berries and mushrooms. Welcome to Halland!

Questions and answers concerning Halland

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter houses can I choose from in Halland?

There are 80+ DanCenter houses in Halland.

What are the most important places to visit in the Halland?

Some of the most important places to visit in Halland are Halmstad, Varberg, Falkenberg, Kungsbacka, Molndal, and Tylosand.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Halland?

Some of the must-do activities in Halland are:

  • Museum visits
  • Visiting Borras Skara Varberg
  • Hiking
  • Nature tours
  • Fishing

I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travelers from the UK can reach Halland by air or ferry.

What are the recommended dishes in Halland?

Some of the recommended dishes in Halland are Köttbullar, marmalade, cinnamon buns baked with flour, baguettes and croissants.

When is the ideal time to visit Halland?

The months from May to September are the best to visit Halland.