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Holiday home in TromsøHouse no: 83699Tromsø4 persons,  18 m²20 m to coast.Small holiday cottage by the ocean for anglers who want top sea and ocean fishing. Boat and motor for rent. The cabin has a living room with 4 bunk beds, kitchenette and bathroom with shower and toilet ...Holiday home in HasvikHouse no: 99074Hasvik7 persons,  100 m²100 m to coast.Pleasant holiday home on a plot with a view by the sea on Sørøya's west side. The sea area around the island is Norway's richest in fish and an Eldorado for anglers. The holiday home is located 100 m from ...Holiday home in VåganHouse no: 74682Vågan3+1 person,  58 m²100 m to coast.Plinth apartment in a residential building in the innermost part of Morfjorden on the north side of Austvågøya. Great view of the beautiful fjord landscape. Nice area for mountain hikes and summit skiing ...Holiday home in MeløyHouse no: 20928Meløy6 persons,  45 m²100 m to coast.Charming holiday cottage by the lake Skarsvatnet on the island Amøya, right by the cottages 20927 and 20928. The house is sheltered by the forest and has a scenic view of the lake and the mountains nearby. ...Holiday home in GildeskålHouse no: 71619Gildeskål8 persons,  150 m²300 m to coast.Great holiday home in beautiful surroundings by the fjord Sørfjorden south of Bodø. The holiday home is located on a sunny and child-friendly plot, with a large terrace with a great view and an outdoor ...Holiday home in TromsøHouse no: 18850Tromsø5 persons,  30 m²100 m to coast.A cosy cottage idyllicly located on the island Kvaløya in the fish-rich Straumsfjorden approx. 30 km south-east of Tromsø. The house is surrounded by a magnificent nature with panoramic views of the beautiful, ...Holiday home in Gáivuotna KåfjordHouse no: 6823Gáivuotna Kåfjord6 persons,  80 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home by the Lyngenfjord with panoramic views of the beautiful fjord landscape and the mighty Lyngen Alps, Europe's northernmost alpine area. Northern lights in winter and midnight sun in summer. ...Holiday home in GratangenHouse no: 53640Gratangen9 persons,  99 m²250 m to coast.Comfortable and lovey wilderness holidayhouse at Øse Hyttegrend in Gratangen, which is an attractive cabin area 25 km north of the city of Narvik. Surrounded by a large wilderness area, the place is ideal ...Holiday home in LyngenHouse no: 9433Lyngen6 persons,  165 m²60 m to coast.Holiday home by the Lyngenfjord with magnificent views of the mighty Lyngen Alps, Europe's northernmost alpine area. Great place for winter and northern lights experience. The midnight sun can be experienced ...Holiday home in SømnaHouse no: 4446Sømna6 persons,  80 m²150 m to coast.Comfortable and pleasant holiday cottage by the sea with panoramic views. Rich sea fishing and great hiking terrain along the sea and in the mountains. The cottage was built in 2019 on 2 levels with modern ...Holiday home in VåganHouse no: 93190Vågan5 persons,  70 m²250 m to coast.Holiday apartment in the small town Digermulen, beautifully situated furthermost east in Lofoten. The area is known for its scenery, idyllic beaches and magnificent hiking. The holiday apartment is on ...Holiday home in LyngenHouse no: 91721Lyngen6 persons,  100 m²20 m to coast.With magnificent views of Ullsfjorden and the beautiful scenery that surrounds the fjord, this holiday cottage sits 20 meters from the sea in the small town Sør-Lenangen. Lyngen is famous for its scenic ...Holiday home in BindalHouse no: 9346Bindal6 persons,  110 m²200 m to coast.Beautiful holiday cottage just north of the mighty mountain Heilhornet. 200 m from the fjord Kjella with panoramic views of Helgeland's beautiful coastal landscape. Quiet and child-friendly area, wonderful ...Holiday home in KvalsundHouse no: 93481Kvalsund6 persons,  150 m²300 m to coast.Comfortable cabin in wilderness surroundings at Skaidi. Nice view. Great starting point for day trips by car. Possibility of seeing Northern lights during winter. This cabin, completed in 2016, is located ...Holiday home in SteigenHouse no: 55415Steigen7 persons,  85 m²100 m to coast.Steigen is known for its beautiful coastal landscape and this holiday home is ideally located in quiet surroundings, 100 m from the Nordfolda fjord. Child-friendly with a fine sandy beach nearby. Wonderful ...Holiday home in RødøyHouse no: 9822Rødøy5 persons,  130 m²20 m to coast.Amazing spot for sports fishing. The house is located close by the ocean on Rangsundøya. Boats for rent. The house was built in 1998 and consists of two floors. Ground floor with hallway, bathroom, washing ...Holiday home in MålselvHouse no: 53621Målselv10 persons,  200 m²6.0 km to coast.High-standard holiday home with a panoramic view of Målselv and Bardudalen, sloping natural plot and hiking terrain right outside the door. Rich fishing opportunities in the salmon-bearing Målselva and ...Holiday home in VevelstadHouse no: 4681Vevelstad6 persons,  138 m²200 m to coast.Beautiful holiday home on a view plot by the sea, located in the village Forvik. Great for family holidays and anglers who want a fishing house with great sea fishing. Child-friendly and great hiking terrain. ...Holiday home in TromsøHouse no: 97476Tromsø8 persons,  120 m²10 m to coast.Renovated holiday cottage located right by the sea, on a farm 20 km from Tromsø. Ideal if you want to live close to the city. Enjoy the outdoor whirlpool that fits 8 people. From the house and terrace, ...Holiday home in VåganHouse no: 74687Vågan5 persons,  58 m²100 m to coast.Cozy holiday cottage in Morfjorden on the north side of Austvågøya. From the cottage and the terrace is a great view of the beautiful fjord landscape. Nice area for mountain hikes and summit skiing in ...Holiday home in VåganHouse no: 87703Vågan10 persons,  120 m²300 m to coast.A wonderful and comfortable holiday home in Lofoten with a stunning view of the sea, midnight sun in the summer and Northern lights during winter. The holiday house is 47 km north of Svolvær. Built in ...Holiday home in VåganHouse no: 70940Vågan6 persons,  85 m²450 m to coast.Residential house in a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Svolvær. The owner lives in the house when it is not rented out. Only 2.5 km to the center of Svolvær. Great hiking area behind the house ...Holiday home in BallangenHouse no: 99910Ballangen6 persons,  50 m²20 m to coast.With an idyllic location by a small fishing lake in Melkedalen, this pleasant cottage is situated on a quiet and sunny forest plot. Great for anyone who want to fish for trout and salmon and hike in forests ...Holiday home in SkjervøyHouse no: 95886Skjervøy8 persons,  120 m²80 m to coast.Nice holiday house on a plot with a great view by the Langfjord on Arnøya's south side. The island is located at the far end of the Lyngenfjord north of Tromsø with a view to the Lyng Alps and known for ...Holiday home in MeløyHouse no: 20927Meløy5 persons,  45 m²100 m to coast.This holiday cottage lies right by the lake Skarsvatnet on the island Åmøya, with a connecting bridge to the mainland. The house is right by houses 20926 and 20926, with a beautiful view of the lake and ...Holiday home in SenjaHouse no: 50829Senja6 persons,  135 m²20 m to coast.Pleasant holiday home in a nice location by the Gisundet north of Finnsnes. Great view towards the island of Senja and the berth in the strait where many boats pass. There are plenty of fishing opportunities ...Holiday home in LyngenHouse no: 4887Lyngen9 persons,  194 m²60 m to coast.Beautiful holiday home on a quiet view by the sea in Lyngen. Located in an open and beautiful coastal landscape with great hiking terrain for the whole family. Experience the northern lights in the winter ...Holiday home in VåganHouse no: 45745Vågan6 persons,  93 m²100 m to coast.Holiday house in Morfjord on the north side of Austvågøya with magnificent views over the beautiful fjord landscape, the sunset in the evenings and the midnight sun. Great area for mountain hikes and summit ...Holiday home in HarstadHouse no: 99415Harstad6 persons,  107 m²50 m to coast.Pleasant holiday home with whirlpool and barbecue by the sea on the island of Bjarkøy. Great for anglers who want sea and ocean fishing. The holiday home in the village of Leirvåg was built in 1827 and ...Holiday home in SenjaHouse no: 50880Senja7 persons,  80 m²20 m to coast.Holiday home in quiet and idyllic surroundings by the beautiful Målselvfjord south of Tromsø. Panoramic view towards the fjord. The Northern Lights can be experienced in autumn and winter. Nice starting ...
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Questions and answers concerning Northern Norway

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter houses can I choose from in Northern Norway?

You can choose from 100+ DanCenter houses in Northern Norway.

What are the most important places to visit in Northern Norway?

Tromso, Bodo, Svolvaer, Alta, Kirkenes and Narvik are some of the popular places you can visit.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Northern Norway?

Visit parks, islands, museums, and see the Northern Lights.

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

UK travellers can reach Northern Norway via train, flight, ferry/cruise, and motor vehicles.

What are the recommended dishes in Northern Norway?

Lefse, Atlantic cod, brown cheese, Møsbrømlefse, and bacalao are the must-try dishes.

When is the ideal time to visit Northern Norway?

Spring (between May and June) is the best time to visit Northern Norway.