Voucher and driving directions

Shortly after having booked your holiday accommodation through DanCenter, you will receive your booking confirmation. This confirmation is your voucher and contains all necessary information. On the first page you will find the address of the holiday home and the place for key collection. In the middle of the page you will find the driving directions explaining where to collect the key. At the bottom there is a detachable card for ordering miscellaneous extras, which may be useful during your holiday. On the following pages you will find the invoice for the stay as well as an in-payment form stating due date.

On arrival at the key collection place you must present your voucher, and you will receive your key for the holiday home. Often consumption related costs such as electricity, water and the like are included in the rental amount. Otherwise you will also receive a utility sheet/envelope where to state the meter readings for above mentions consumptions at arrival as well as at departure.

As to your arrival

If you wish to rent a boat or engine, you must order it min. one month before arrival.

Time of arrival

Arrival can take place from 4 p.m. on the day the arrival day. If you expect to arrive at another time of day, please make arrangements with the key collection place/person. Contact information will be found on the voucher.


On the detachable card at the bottom of the voucher you can order extras. Please notice that only extras mentioned in the house description can only be ordered. All holiday homes are equipped with the tableware and kitchen utensils necessary for the number of persons for which the house is meant. You can bring your own bed linen, tea towels, table cloths etc. or you can order it, if mentioned in the house description.

You can also order a final cleaning if this is mentioned in the house description.

The arrival message and extras must be sent/ordered min. 14 days before arrival. However, boat and engine must be ordered at least one month before arrival.

What is a cleaning audit charge?

We charge customers a small cleaning audit fee to prepare the room for the next guest, even as some outgoing guests prefer to clean the room themselves. Are such guests still required to pay a cleaning charge? Yes. Please let us explain.

While we appreciate guests cleaning the room themselves, we nonetheless conduct an audit to ensure that the room is in excellent shape. The cleaning audit fee we levy is for the time and effort involved in checking that our cleaning standards have been met, so that we can provide our customers with the best experience.


If you have rented a holiday home in which pets are permitted, please remember that it is a lengthy and quite difficult process to obtain all necessary permits for bringing pets into Norway. Therefore, please contact the Norwegian Tourist Board or Embassy well in advance.

Ferry and bridge connections

If you have booked a holiday home in Norway, you may need to book a ferry crossing. Please remember to order your tickets well in advance. Further information concerning ferry connections, please see VisitNorway.

Many Norwegian holiday homes are located on small islands, but regardless of where a house is located, the easiest way to reach the holiday home will often be to go by the ferry. Consequently it is a good idea to check the various ferry possibilities. On VisitNorway you will find a list of all the ferries in Norway.

Toll roads

In some cities such as Oslo and Bergen a toll fee must be paid when entering/leaving the city. There are also many rather small roads privately administrated in Norway. Also here you will have to pay.