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You can at any time withdraw your cookie consent. However, you must be aware that when you withdraw your consent, certain features and services may not work properly or may not be useful at all. These features and services require our website to remember the choices you have made in the past. Therefore, removing cookies may have a direct impact on your user experience on our website.

Please note that you can not withdraw your consent to the "Required" cookies. These cookies must be turned on.

We use data from our own cookies and third party cookies. These are:
- Required: These cookies help us to ensure that our website works by activating basic functions such as remembering the list of favorite houses. This cookie cannot be turned off.
- Functional: These cookies are used to remember your search settings, e.g. number of persons, domestic animals, date of arrival and the like.
- Statistical: Disse cookies giver os mulighed for at levere en bedre brugeroplevelse, da vi ved, hvilke huse, der er de mest interessante.
- Marketing: These cookies enable us and our partners to provide the most relevant content for you.

You can also read DanCenter's Privacy Statement here.

Guide to withdraw your cookie consent

When you withdraw your consent, you may find that our website does not work properly. By reducing your cookie consent, most cookies are removed automatically. However, there may be some additional cookies that we cannot remove. You must do this yourself by deleting cookies in your browser.

To withdraw or edit your consent you must:

Please note that your consent to the "Required" cookies cannot be withdrawn as these cookies cannot be turned off.

Here is our cookie declaration

It shows exactly which cookies can be set from the website, who receives the data and what the data is used for.


These cookies are necessary for the website to work.

Cookie nameSourceLifetimeUsage
agFirst-party cookie12 hoursSales channel
checkout-flow-sessionFirst-party cookie14 daysSession when booking house.
cookie_policyFirst-party cookiepersistentRemembers chosen cookie policy.
csfcFirst-party cookiepersistentWebsite security
favoritesFirst-party cookiepersistentList of favorited houses.
Google OptimizeFirst-party cookiepersistentTo facilitate experimentation and thus improve the user experience
HcAreaLatestFirst-party cookie1 monthRemembers chosen search areal
HcAreaSearchFirst-party cookie1 monthRemembers chosen search filters
splash-<id>First-party cookiepersistentSplash text has been shown.


These cookies remember search criteria such as arrival date.

Cookie nameSourceLifetimeUsage
arrival-deltaFirst-party cookie6 hoursChosen +/- number of arrival days
periodFirst-party cookiepersistentChosen arrival date and number of days.


These cookies are used for internal statistics and information is not provided to third parties.

Cookie nameSourceLifetime
DCAB<id>First-party cookie30 days
statisticsFirst-party cookiepersistent


These cookies support online marketing by collecting information about users to promote products through partners and other platforms.

Cookie nameSourceLifetime
<id>.vstFirst-party cookie30 days
cjeventFirst-party cookie45 days
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_gaFirst-party cookie2 years
_ga_<id>First-party cookie2 years
_gatFirst-party cookie1 minute
_gat_UA-<id>First-party cookie1 minute
_gcl_auFirst-party cookie90 days
_gidFirst-party cookie24 hours
kmgFirst-party cookie30 days
lastClickChannelFirst-party cookie30 days
_lo_bnFirst-party cookie30 days
_lo_uidFirst-party cookie2 years
_lo_vFirst-party cookie1 year
_loridFirst-party cookie10 minutes
__lotlFirst-party cookie180 days
moe_uuidFirst-party cookiesession
_pin_unauthFirst-party cookie1 year
TT2_<id>First-party cookie1 year
TTS_<id>First-party cookiesession
_uetsidFirst-party cookie24 hours
_uetvidFirst-party cookie1 year
utm_mediumFirst-party cookie?
__zlcmidFirst-party cookie1 year
anjadnxs.com90 days
uuid2adnxs.com90 days
MUIDbing.com1 year
tscreativecdn.com1 year
ucreativecdn.com1 year
uidcriteo.com1 year
AnalyticsSyncHistorylinkedin.com30 days
bcookielinkedin.com2 years
bscookielinkedin.com2 years
li_gclinkedin.com2 years
lidclinkedin.com24 hours
UserMatchHistorylinkedin.com30 days
idmookie1.com1 year
mdatamookie1.com1 year
ovmookie1.com1 year
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__ssidveinteractive.com312 days
AWSALBCORSwidget-mediator.zopim.com7 days
Cadform.net30 days
uidadform.net60 days
IDEdoubleclick.net1 year
RULdoubleclick.net1 year
test_cookiedoubleclick.net15 minutes